Equipment for basketball


The ring of the basketball basket must have the following design: the minimum internal diameter is 45 cm, and the maximum is 45.7 cm. The ring is painted in a bright orange color.

The ring is made of durable metal with a diameter of at least 16 mm, the maximum diameter of the bar can be no more than 20 mm. On the lower part of the ring should be a device for installing nets, such that would not allow injury to the fingers.

The device for fixing the nets must be safe, without sharp edges and cracks, so that the fingers of the players can not get into them.

The ring is attached to the shield structure in such a way that no forces applied to the ring are in any way transmitted directly to the shield. Therefore, there must be no direct contact between the ring, the device that attaches the ring to the shield, and the shield itself. However, the gap must be such that fingers cannot get there.


The upper plane of the ring is located in the horizontal plane at a height of 3.05 m from the level of the Playground, at an equal distance from the vertical edges of the shield, and the nearest point of the inner part of the ring should be at a distance of 15 cm from the front surface of the shield.

The mounting systems of any ring must compensate for 35-50% of the energy that is applied to the ring. The difference between rings installed on the same site should not exceed 5% for this parameter.

It is allowed to install rings with a shock absorber. At the same time, they must meet the following requirements: the rebound characteristic of the ball must be similar to that of the ring without a shock absorber. The shock absorber must fully provide this characteristic and at the same time protect the ring and shield.

The design of the ring and its attachment system must ensure the safety of players. For rings with a "locking system", the shock absorber must not disconnect the mounting system from the ring at a static load in the range of 82-105 kg, which can be applied to the upper edge of the ring at the farthest point from the shield. The ring must not deviate down more than 30 degrees from the initial position when the mechanism is triggered due to the loads applied to it. The ring should immediately return to its original position as soon as it is no longer affected.

Nets for rings are made in compliance with the following parameters: the net must have 12 loops for fastening. The net must be at least 40 cm long and no more than 45 cm long. The upper part of the net should be such as to avoid possible throwing into the ring, possible entanglement, throwing the ball out of the basket, or getting the ball stuck in the net. Only a hard white cord is used to make them.

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