Basketball rules

At the very beginning, the rules of the game were formulated by Dr. Naismith himself and they consisted of only 13 points. As time passed, the essence of the game itself changed over time, and the rules of the game changed accordingly. In 1932, the first international rules of the game of basketball were adopted at the first FIBA Congress, after which these rules were changed and adjusted many times. The last significant changes were made in 1998 and 2004. Since 2004, the rules of the game of basketball remain unchanged.


According to the rules, basketball is played by two teams, which usually consists of twelve players, and five players from each team are present on the court at the same time. Each team has a task - to throw the ball into the opponents ' basket and prevent the other side from taking possession of the ball and throwing it into their basket. You can only play with the ball with your hands. It is a violation of the rules when a player runs around the court and does not hit the ball on the floor, deliberately kicks the ball, blocks with any part of the foot or punches the ball. Non-intentional, accidental touching of the foot or part of the foot is not a violation.

The winner of the game is the team that scored the most points after the end of the game time. If the teams have scored the same number of points after the end of game time, an overtime period is assigned (usually five minutes of extra time). If the score remains equal after extra time, then the second, third, etc. overtime is assigned until the winner of the game is determined.

A different number of points is assigned for one hit in the basket:

1 point - for each accurate shot from the penalty line
2 points - a shot from medium or close range (closer than the three-point line)
3 points - a throw from behind the three-point line at a distance of 6m 25cm

The start of the game begins after a disputed throw in the center circle of the playing area, provided that one of the players hits the ball correctly. Usually, a match consists of four periods of ten minutes (in the National basketball Association, this time is twelve minutes) with breaks of two minutes. The break between the second and third quarters of the game is fifteen minutes. After the end of the big break, teams exchange baskets.

In the basketball game, various non-compliance and violations of the rules often occur, namely

Rules violations

The following requirements apply to the game of basketball: the game can be played in an open area or in an indoor hall with a height of at least 7 m. The size of the playground is 26x14 m. The size of the shield is 180x120 cm. The distance from the bottom edge to the ground or floor should be 275 cm. The basket is a ring made of metal, which is covered with a net without a bottom. The basket is attached at a distance of 0.3 m from the lower edge of the shield. The circumference of the basketball ball is 75-80 cm, and the weight of the ball should be within 600-650 g.